Starting out

Is it best to be totally comfortable with your digi and then focus on breathing exercises or the overway round?

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Hello @Kelly :slight_smile:

From my point of view I think it’s better to firstly master the drone, have something stable and powerful and then work on the breathing technic like the famous circular breathing.
But if you speak about only the breathing exercises (diaphragm exercises for example and so on) I think the order is not important, you can work on your breath without master any drones.
But the both are important then for the next steps of the didgeridoo playing, the breath will help you for circular breathing, attacks, etc… and the drone is the base of the didgeridoo ^^

I don’t know if I’m clear ?

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Cool… thanks for the help :grinning:

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Hey @Kelly

Really welcome on this forum.
Cool to see that Wakademy is now a real international didgeridoo school.
Where are you from and what did push you to play didg ?

If you want to introduce yourself a bit more or show us your didg, please don’t hesitate to write more here

Or there

Or just look at the several other posts, sure you’ll find out interesting things

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ayant du mal à taper en anglais, continue de couper mon texte si désolé si ce qui suit ne lit pas bien.:pray:

Il y a longtemps, vers 1980, il y avait un documentaire sur la culture autochtone au sein de la BBC. J’étais fasciné par ce documentaire. J’adore le son, mais jusqu’à il y a quelques mois, je me suis dit que j’allais apprendre cette chose correctement, alors j’ai maintenant le temps de :grinning:

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I wish I could explain more.